Welcome to Rotary Zone 8
The Zone 8 Virtual Conference has been a great success and we'd like to thank all our speakers for their invaluable input.  The feedback has been very encouraging which indicates we are on the right track.
The speakers sessions have now been moved to our YouTube channel and can viewed by clicking the following link Rotary Zone 8 Virtual Conference 2020
With shutdowns, border closures and social distancing all businesses have had to look at their business models and come up with solutions to trade profitably in the new environment.Regretfully many won’t find solutions and will close.

What about Rotary? Can we survive if our members face ongoing unemployment or substantially reduced retirement incomes? Social distancing and border closures will continue for years’ ahead without a vaccine. There is no guarantee of a vaccine and this is the fourth SARS type virus in the last 20 years.
While we continue to practice social distancing to ensure the health and well-being of our families and communities, it’s important to ensure our members stay engaged in Rotary during this extraordinary time.
Rotarians all across Australia have been profoundly saddened and touched by the bushfires that ravaged our country over the past summer claiming lives, destroying many homes and decimating thousands of hectares of bushland.
For most of us it has now been over five weeks of isolation and in most cases isolation from your normal Rotary activities.  How have we coped without regular face to face meetings, unable to do traditional community service or fund-raising activities?   Are we looking after our members in these difficult and in some case tragic times?