How can I promote polio eradication?

Illuminating buildings with our End Polio Now message can generate a lot of public and media attention, and, in turn, drive us even closer to eradicating polio forever. Many famous landmarks have already done it -- Sydney Opera House, London’s House of Parliament, even the Great Pyramid of Khafre. You can spread the message in your community by illuminating a local building or monument. To do this, follow these steps and submit a customized ask letter to building owners, using our sample ask letter as a template.
Once you receive approval, alert the media with a sample press release, post messages on your Facebook or Twitter pages, upload a video of the event to YouTube, and post photos to Rotary's Facebook and Flickr pages.
In addition to illuminating buildings to spread the word about our polio eradication efforts, you can:
  • Write to your government officials
  • Spread the word through social networks
  • Include a link to in your email signature
  • Host a fundraising dinner
Find even more ideas in "Global Outlook: A Rotarian’s Guide to Advocacy for Polio Eradication" and on