BREAKOUT SESSIONS - 2.30PM - 3.30PM (AEST)  Saturday September 11th. 

This year attendees will also have the opportunity to join with others to share their passion for the causes that matter to Rotarians.

 Each Session will have a facilitator – there will be brief presentations, interactive discussions with learning about the problem and finding a solution in a positive way.

These optional breakout sessions will feature Rotarians and the projects which are actually delivering impact on the ground.  They will provide plenty of opportunities for chat, ideas exchange and Q & A with panelists.  



1 - Making an Impact - Public Image
2 - A Way to Grow - Starting New Clubs
3 - Preventing Disease - Our Impact on Health
4 - Responding to Disaster - Frontline Action
5 - Preserving Our Environment - Sustaining Our Planet
6 - Impacting Lives - How Our Foundation Changes Lives
7 - Council on Legislation